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Powder Coating

Coatings USA’s Powder Coating services allow for a uniform high quality finish, higher resistance to corrosion, chipping and abrasion, protection from chemicals, moisture and heat. The powder colors and textures are endless and can be applied to many metal. With the versatility and practicality powder coating provides a cost-saving advantage. By utilizing a powder coating process that provides an edge over traditional liquid paints. Powder Coating is a style of painting in a powder form. This kind of paint is produced by pulverizing a combination of resins, pigments and curatives among others to come up with a powder and is then applied to a surface that needs a protective “skin” coating. The electrically-charged powder adheres to the metal or aluminum surface being coated. Oven curing the coated part or product causes the charged powder particles to bond to the electrically grounded surface until heated and fused forming a uniform, highly durable finish.


Consumers in many markets have discovered powder coating as a smart, efficient way to refinish, restore, preserve and protect their products.

  • Automotive

  • Architecture

  • Commercial

  • Designers

  • Industrial

  • Homeowners

  • OEM

Additionally, powder coatings are:

  • Free from hazardous solvents resulting to insignificant discharges of volatile organic compounds (VOC) making the product environmentally friendly.

  • Contains no known carcinogens like spray paint

  • Virtually pollution-free

  • Captured over spray and not released into the environment


Powder applied:

  • Hybrids

  • Epoxy

  • Urethane

  • Polyesters

  • Ask us about our Mil-Spec Powder Coating applications!

All finished parts are packed using standard commercial methods or finished packed in accordance with customer requirements for direct shipping.

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