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Coatings USA, LLC offers a comprehensive range sand/media blasting services!  There are many types of sand/media blasting services and methods. Your project and application are unique. Together we can asses the area and requirements for your project, while providing a very effective and less costly solution. On-site we operate Two cabinet blasters and a 20′ x 20′ x 20′ outdoor building.

Utilizing an assortment of substrates to include recycled glass, garnet, and walnut shells we are sure to provide to desired pre-treatment profile for your project. All projects are assessed to insure proper masking requirements prior to blasting.

Sand/Media Blasting Services

  • Useful when a gritty surface profile is required, blasting can be used to create a  smooth, shape or clean hard surfaces

  • Sand/media blasting removes rust, paint, scale, discoloration from heat treatments and many other defects

  • This type of cleaning is a preparatory step for your surface which may be finished with paint, plating, powder coating, ceramic coating or other finishes.

  • We offer mobile, commercial sand/media blasting services depending on your application and need.

 All your sandblasting needs we can handle! 

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